Flea and Co

In spite of careful care, it happens again and again once that the cat is struck by parasites.

Helpful in such cases solutions for the application are awake the neck skin for example front line.


These help against fleas, ticks and also with flea stitch allergy.

Front line and similar solutions work immediately and stop approx. 4 weeks.

After this time the processing can be repeated unscrupulously and freshened up.

At what provision is increasingly better than if one must eliminate the pest first once.

Is passed it also the entire environment as well as sleep field and scraping-boom with an environment spray (Fipronil) must be handled, because fleas lay her ova with pleasure in beds carpets, mattresses scraping-boom and so on from.

It does not mean, if the cat flea free is that they can get no fleas anymore, the ova mature, the flea larves slip and the flea larves nest again in the skin of the cat, thus the whole Procedere would begin again from in front.

It the processing of minimally three month is advisable in the case of flea infestation (there already a discovered flea suffices). Through lead.

Of flea I warn collars since there damaging cloths that human being and hind are continuously misfired are contained.


The cat with fleas is struck now a worm cure must be carried on with, transferred there the fleas worms.

A worm infestation the not is treated, can fatal for a cat ends!!!

I the Flubenol deworming (Wirkstoff Flubendazol) would recommend here the good dossier according to emphasis of the cat into the mouth can be given.

Or it gives preparations how for example that helps Stronghold simultaneously at fleas and worms, this average is given also as solution in the necks.

At what attention is to be paid here to that, that this multi-purpose solutions not every worm effectively eliminated!!!

The most frequent worms are Wound-, Different Band - and rake worms.

Heart and pulmonary worms are rarer.

If they have her catkin of a serious and responsible breeder can be she that this hind already several worm cures, has ran through.

Nonetheless this must be continued with.

The worm cure is the single Effective solution!

They ask in case of doubt to her veterinarian, there they get also the preparations.

As a responsible cat fastener flea and worm cures should be just as natural and regular inoculations carried out as ones a jear !

So they will have long joy of her cat.